Why Go Virtual?

Do you have plans to grow your business but just don't have enough time and budget to get things started? We have the plan and the solution for you to go Virtual! We at GO STAFF can help you save time and money by providing you with reliable and efficient Virtual Assistants right now while you focus on the more income generating aspects of your business.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant Can Help You Save Money

➔ Starting from $15/hour plus GST have your own dedicated, reliable virtual assistant.
➔ Eliminate costs on payroll, worker's compensation, superannuation, leave, expensive training and other office equipment brought about by hiring office-based staff.
➔ Pay only for the work hours you require. There is flexibility to get a part time Virtual Assistant working 4 hours a day to a full time Virtual Assistant working up to 8 hours a day.
➔ No contracts just an agreement on price and can be cancelled with 24 hours notice.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant Increases Work Productivity

As your dedicated Virtual Assistant works from home, there will be no disturbance from office issues that normally occur. Therefore, there is always precious time to finish work on time. As work progresses, you and your Virtual Assistant starts a mutually beneficial working relationship, whereas the Virtual Assistant becomes more committed, all staff are monitored and give hourly reports on work completed.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant is Fast and Easy

We have experienced Virtual Assistants who can cater for all the needs of our clients. Once you have filled out a Work Enquiry Form, we can find who among our staff that would suit your requirements. Then we give you 2 to 3 Virtual Assistants, to choose from. Once you have chosen, work can commence immediately. The whole process can take 48-72 hours only. That quick!